Chapter 14: Doc’s Letter to Raven

Dear Raven,

My name is Doc. By the time you receive this you should have an understanding of who I am and the tasks required of me to insure that you would fulfill your destiny. This correspondence is the last required of me.

Cherokee Blood: Book One - Chapter 11 Raven Learns About Doc
Cherokee Blood: Book One – Chapter 11 Raven Learns About Doc

I think it appropriate to inform you that I was a man such as yourself with worldly cares and concerns but also filled with much joy. Therefore, being a man, I understand that you may have doubts and unpleasant emotions concerning your present situation, whatever it may be, and what lies before you. 

As I write this to you on May 5, 1935, I hope to  assure you that the contents I share herewith are correct and truthful to the best of my understanding on this date and I am honored that I was chosen to convey information that I pray will ease and expedite the tasks that lie ahead for you. Tasks that only you can accomplish.

You are Raven, descendent of Kit-ka’ositiyi-qa-yi, son of Kit’ks’ositiyiqa, The Man Up There That Is.

Your first responsibility is to conquer your own doubts and fears in order to gain yet more understanding of what you are to do. Your life is not your own. You may not understand the path shown to you; you may feel loneliness and sadness but you will come to understand you have a special destiny. You carry the heavy responsibility to help all peoples through times of great disorder and into a time of a new awareness and reality. You will show by example what is to be done as well as what is not to be done. You will support and protect all that ask of you. You will do all of this without regard to consequences. 

All of mankind, all plants and all animals are connected. We all are one. None is above the other and sacrifices may be required of all. I tell you this as a sign of my acknowledgement of the enormity of events that will have taken place between your lifetime and my own. You, as I,  must accept your destiny.

You will be guided by visions and dreams along the true path and will show others the way. You will have no concern for what others may think of you nor will you condemn them. As the harbinger of powerful secrets you will foretell the future and reveal omens and signs and precede each with your call.

You are not the first Raven. Others before you include Bran The Blessed and the twins Hugin and Mugin who spied for Odin, the Raven God. You, as they, will be honored among many tribes. You are a creature of metamorphosis and symbolize change and transformation. You will be called on by medicine men and holy men for interpretation of visions and reveal what lies beyond man’s eyes. You will deliver messages that come beyond space and time to those that are worthy and expose the truth of harmful secrets.

You will be shown a magical place called “Sheltering Rock.” For thousands of years it has been inhabited by the Yunwi Tsundi, the Little People. They will be the guardians and caretakers of all there during your time. Let your wishes be known and it will be so. This is the only magic allowed during your time. All other endeavors must be achieved as by all other men — through wisdom and sweat.


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